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Pre-Season Training & Preparation
Wednesday, 01 April 2009 00:00

The season is fast approaching with little time to spare. With the first race just around the bend Pete McLeod Racing (PMR) is working hard on our preparation for a fun, fast, and successful season. With our team making sure everything is set up for Pete, he has been working on preparing himself. Now lets take a look at what Pete has been working on.... He said, "this pre-season was very rushed for me from a flying point of view. I made the decision to do my preseason in Spain, which brought its own set of challenges, but also offered perfect weather. The EDGE is new to me this year, so my time was focused about 70% on adapting to the plane, and 30% on race tactics. The truth is that it was very difficult to simulate the race environment without the track, especially since as a rookie I have such little track time logged. I feel good with the EDGE, I've started to bond with it, but Iʼm really looking forward to getting back in the track."


Name: Pete McLeod [First Canadian and youngest rookie ever in the RBARWC]

Home Town: Red Lake, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: Feb 23, 1984

Status: Single

Nickname: None

Hobbies: Seaplane flying, fishing/hunting, golf, cooking

What you are most looking forward to this season?

My rookie season, of course! What is the 1st thing that comes to mind when you hear Red Bull Air Race? Speed, power, passion – the world's most spectacular motorsport.

What are your projections for the season for PMR?

This is a building year, my team and I will learn, test, and develop a strong foundation for the future. What have you been doing for the past 5 years? Aerobatics and University, that's about everything!


The Red Bull Air Race is a major sporting and physical challenge for the pilots. The work put in by the teams transporting the equipment and setting up the aircraft, hangers and other infrastructure in extreme locations around the world is a major organizational feat. The infrastructure that is packed up and transported to each event includes the control tower, High Flyer's Lounge, Hangars for the race aircraft, Air Gate pylons, Helicopter, electronics equipment, kitchens, catering equipment, and a mobile broadcasting centre where the TV program is produced as well as many other items. A Boeing 747 cargo plane gives the race infrastructure its wings, transporting equipment to the first race in Abu Dhabi, and to races in United States, Canada, and Europe. Three hundred and eighty tons of equipment in forty containers were transported by ship and two Boeing 747 cargo planes to Abu Dhabi.



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