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Happy Holidays from PMR
Thursday, 25 December 2014 16:18


0 #1 Valerie Barry 2015-01-31 15:03
OMG. I can not believe I'm only finding out about you today. I love anything to do with red bull so to find out that you not only do stunts but have a plane with the redbull logo. I drink nothing but red bull and gets lots of crap for it. lol. addicted do not come close to the way I am with REDBULL. anyway, maybe someday I will be lucky enough to see the plane. if so you may have to use it to get me to the nearest hospital. I'll have a heart attack for sure and I promise it won't be from drinking it. witch by the way I do not believe in anyway shape or form that REDBULL causes heart attacks. stupid people do. lol. just saying. have a great day.
honest and total lover of the drink.
Valerie Barry.
Red Lake Ont

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