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Pete McLeod Makes RBAR Debut in Abu Dhabi
Wednesday, 15 April 2009 00:00

Months of preparation in the Pete McLeod Racing camp was put into action for the 2009 RBARWC season opener in Abu Dhabi, April 17-18. Despite the constant challenge of daily temperatures soaring into the 40's and the odd sand storm, Abu Dhabi proved to be a spectacular location for Pete's debut race.

"Arrival into the temporary runway (TRW) on the Arabian Gulf, in downtown Abu Dhabi was something really special for me. It's been a long road to get here and this landing is something I'll always remember," Pete said of the team's relocation to the race runway, just days before the race. Sunny skies and light winds welcomed the pilots for training days 1 & 2 leading up to the race. "Entering the race track for the first time was as spectacular as it was challenging.

We had a boat tour that morning and it was amazing how tight the track looked." Pete progressed well through the training with constant improvement in lines and time. "Every time I go through the track it opens up. I'm learning the fast lines quickly, but there is a lot to learn".

While Pete's flying was progressing well, the training sessions made it apparent the No. 84 race plane was much slower than expected, "I knew we would not be putting the fastest plane into the track, but I must admit I'm surprised how many seconds we are giving up because of the slow plane. It's frustrating, but at the same time it forces me to fly more precisely, while others can get away with more mistakes and let a fast plane carry them."

Pete entered qualifying with a clear aim, "I'll be happy if I fly my race, and for today that means clean runs and a time close to 1:40". As the qualifying run approached the winds increased to a level where they were considered to be fairly strong. Despite the fact the wind made the course so challenging that a record was set for most pylon hits on a qualifying day, Pete flew a technically excellent race and didn't hit a pylon or incur any penalty points. In addition he flew under his target time goal. As a result, Pete qualified 12th and proved he could be in contention to progress through the wildcard round into the top 12 on race day.

Pre-Season Training & Preparation
Wednesday, 01 April 2009 00:00

The season is fast approaching with little time to spare. With the first race just around the bend Pete McLeod Racing (PMR) is working hard on our preparation for a fun, fast, and successful season. With our team making sure everything is set up for Pete, he has been working on preparing himself. Now lets take a look at what Pete has been working on.... He said, "this pre-season was very rushed for me from a flying point of view. I made the decision to do my preseason in Spain, which brought its own set of challenges, but also offered perfect weather. The EDGE is new to me this year, so my time was focused about 70% on adapting to the plane, and 30% on race tactics. The truth is that it was very difficult to simulate the race environment without the track, especially since as a rookie I have such little track time logged. I feel good with the EDGE, I've started to bond with it, but Iʼm really looking forward to getting back in the track."


Name: Pete McLeod [First Canadian and youngest rookie ever in the RBARWC]

Home Town: Red Lake, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: Feb 23, 1984

Status: Single

Nickname: None

Hobbies: Seaplane flying, fishing/hunting, golf, cooking


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